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 Baggiryu (Mut Rogue)

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PostSubject: Baggiryu (Mut Rogue)   Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:42 am

1. What are the names and specs of the characters you wish to have in Allegiance reborn?
The only toon I would like to bring over to AR is my main. (Mut Rogue)

2. Why do you spec the way you do and would you be open to suggestions from other Allegiance Reborn members in regards to your gear selection and spec? Please provide a link to the armory of your toon.

I used a standard elitist jerks spec. I reforged to as close to the spell hit cap as possible without going over, poisons are considered spells. After becoming hit capped I decided to go pure mastery due to the fact almost 30% of a rogues damage is poisons the harder they hit the better I am.

3. When raiding, what mods do you use? why?
I tend toward a minimalist attitude toward addons. I run a simple UI (tukui), recount, a class timer (Forte) and DBM (duh)

4. Are you wanting to join as a raider, casual, pvp'er or are still leveling? It is ok to say that you are in between two types.If you are applying as a raider are you able to make all the scheduled raid times?
I would like to be a raider. I am able to raid consistently 3 nights a week.

5. Why do you want to be a member of Allegiance Reborn?
I am sick of waiting around in my current guild for a raid to form. Only to have them become canceled 20 mins before they are supposed to go off. I was only able to down 9/12 reg for the tier 11 raids due to lack of guild consistently.

7. Tell us about yourself i.e. Name, age, sex, location, occupation, hobbies and what you think you can bring to the guild?
Angelo Passarelli, 25, Michigan, former Navy, currently a college student, other than wow I enjoy tattoos, music, movies, and cars.

8. Your gaming history? How long have you played wow and how did you get into the game and do you play any other games?
I started play DnD in high school. I bought TBC after an overseas deployment, I was living on the ship and bored out of my mind. It wasn't until the summer I was discharged from the military when I had a ton of time on my hands did I really start playing the game.

9. I understand once accepted in the guild I will be required to read Rules and Guidelines on Allegiance Reborn forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Baggiryu (Mut Rogue)   Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:44 pm

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Baggiryu (Mut Rogue)
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