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 Mains vs Alts

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PostSubject: Mains vs Alts   Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:18 am

Mains vs Alts

Alts will only be allowed into a raid when a main cannot fulfill the necessary position and the alt is geared enough for the raid at hand. If there are no mains on for say a warlock position and someone has a warlock alt that is geared and there is a main online that can fulfill the person switching to the warlock's spot then the person can switch to the alt for the raid. Each toon will earn dkp individually. Also, alts will be asked to pass on gear should a main need it. This means that alts will not get much gear but will have DKP should something drop that they want. These rules will be in place for the progression of the guild as a whole and not for the progression of one person and their alts.
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Mains vs Alts
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