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 DKP and Allegiance Reborn

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PostSubject: DKP and Allegiance Reborn   Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:04 am


In Allegiance Reborn, DKP will be used for all raids and for any items that you may want. When you join the guild and are placed in a rotation of the core raid, you will be given 20 DKP and you cannot go negative. 15 DKP will be awarded on a guild first kill afterwards 10 DKP will be given per raid boss kill and 10 DKP will be given per hour spent in raid. DKP for Raid wipes on previous content bosses will not be given. DKP will be tracked by one of the officers and you will be able to check your DKP in game with that officer. It is always your responsibility to know how much DKP you have.

Being ALted and DKP

If you are alted for a Raid and you are online for the Raid but are not needed you will be given 10 DKP for Being ready. To qualify for this DKP you MUST whisper the raid leader and be told by that raid leader you are not needed. If you are an alt and needed you will gain DKP per above. If you are alted and fail to show when you are needed a DKP loss will be deducted.

Bidding and Loots-

Because DKP is used for all raids, no item will be given out freely. Bids will be made in a specific channel that we create. All Raiders are expected to join if you raid. The minimum bid for an item will be 10. If no bids are placed the items are sharded or recipes are placed in the bank. The highest bid that can be made by one person is the amount of DKP they have. Because this is an open DKP system, you can openly bid on offspec items; however, if another raider is bidding for their main spec you are expected to stop bidding. It is not required to stop but it will be frowned upon highly to create a bidding war for something that is not for your main spec. To show interest in an item for offspec place a bid of five to see if any mains want it. If none do offspecs and alts can continue to bid. If you are the only bid at 5 you will still be charged 10 DKP for an item because that is the minimum purchase price. The 5 is a way to let us know that you are interested in the item without costing a main spec 5 DKP just cause an offspec is interested.
Once a bid is placed it cannot be retracted so make sure that you know what you are bidding on and that you can use the item. If you place a bid on an item that you cannot use and win you will still get that item and the DKP will be taken away.
The accepted specs for bidding are as follows: Tank, Melee DPS, Caster DSP, and Healer. Due to armor specialization you are now only allowed to bid on the type of armor you can best use. If there are no Mainspec bids you will be allowed to offspec bid on lesser armors you can use.
One last point is that you cannot use your DKP to buy another raider an item. All your DKP is for you and your use only.

DKP and switching specs/mains-

If you are of a certain spec and decide that you no longer wish to raid as that spec then you will be forced to lose all the dkp you have currently earned as the spec you were. This makes it so that one person cannot earn a ton of DKP then buy up gear for 2-3 specs when others are wanting that gear for their main specs. It also forces one to really think about what spec they want to raid as and keep that spec. This is more for toons that have the potential to fulfill several roles or require different types of gear (such as paladins, druids, warriors etc). If you decide to switch mains and you have an alt with DKP then you lose DKP on both toons. This is to prevent people from switching out mains frequently and to keep people from getting DKP with an alt then switching it to a main to gear it out and then switching back. In all of our rules we are trying to be as fair as possible to people who have one toon and are trying to gear them out to fulfill their role as a core raider.


There will come a time when people will need to penalized for actions and this is where infractions come in. There will be two tiers of infractions, minor and major. For a minor infraction you will lose 25 to 50 DKP and for a major you will lose 100-150. Minor infractions are those that are given for being late, not showing up with raiding consumables, not knowing the strats and habitually wiping the raid (this last one would have to happen an awful lot to lose dkp). Major infractions are afking in a raid for a long duration of time (so much so that we have to replace you), and not showing up to the raid without any notice. There could be more actions that require infractions and it is up to the officer's discretion as to what is an infraction and how much DKP you will lose.

Current DKP lose for Infractions
Failure to post and no show to raids for a Raider -100 DKP
Failure to post and no shows for a Alt -50 DKP
Afk for extended periods -25-50 DKP ( Raid leaders discreation)
Failure to provide 2 hours notice for cancel -25 DKP (Currently few excuses are being accepted. This is due to the amount of cancels without 2 hours notice.)
Leaving Raid without notice to a Raid Leader -25 to -100DKP (Raid Leader Discreation)
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DKP and Allegiance Reborn
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