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 Raiding with Allegiance Reborn

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PostSubject: Raiding with Allegiance Reborn   Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:02 am

Raid Times
Raid times for Allegiance Reborn are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday raids start at 8:00 PM server and go till 11:00 PM server. Sunday raids begin at 8:00 PM server and go till midnight. At five minutes prior to SERVER time, if you are not in the raid group, you will be replaced, no exceptions. Having 9 or 24 other people waiting on you is not acceptable and just plain rude. We will do our absolute best to end raids by stop time but if we are wiping on a boss that takes a long time to get to and we are getting closer and closer to downing that boss then if there are no objections we will stay till we down that boss, we have repops or till someone has to leave. Otherwise, raids will end by the time listed.

Scheduling Raids-
Raids are posted by the Raid Leader at least 2 days Prior to raids. You will be scheduled for a raid. AR DOES NOT HAVE SIGNUPS!!!! It is your responsibility to check Raid Creation and Composition in our forums to see if you are listed to raid. If you are listed and will be unable to make the raid you must post under that raid. You are required to post at least 2 hours before Raid. If you are not listed and would like to be please post also. There is a chance you may be listed as an Alt for the raid. Alts are expected to show for raid in case you are needed. Alts are still expected to post if you are unable to make it.

Raiding with AR-
If you would like to be a Raider please go to Know your role in our forums and post under the appropriate Role. Current raiders please check Know your Role to ensure you are on the list. We use these list to determine raiding schedules. If you are not listed you will not be scheduled for raids. If you are listed and would like to be removed please see and Officer

Conduct During Raids-
If you are a member of the core raid, then this is what is expected of you during a raid. You are expected to:
-Be at the instance at least 5 minutes before raid start time
-Have necessary consumables for the entire night of raiding
-Have read strats, watched videos and have a general understanding of the content that is being explored on that night.
-Not go AFK during the raid: people who habitually AFK will start to lose their raiding spot as this slows the entire raid down
-Do not speak in vent unless it pertains to the current content; raid leaders need to have a clear vent to give instructions
-Must have a stable internet connection so that you don’t DC all the damn time that could lead to unnecessary raid wipes

Enchants and Gems-
You are expected to have all your gear fully enchanted and gemmed appropriately to be considered for the core raid.

Raid Composition-
Raid compositions will be made of what best serves the raid for the particular event that is being faced that night. Unfortunately with 10 man raids it will be harder to mix in classes that aren’t the typical classes (i.e. boomkins, ret paladins, elemental shammies…). For 25 mans it will be easier to get these classes and specs into raids.

10 man vs 25 man-
It is obviously our goal to get to 25 man raid content. We will always try to do 25 man content but until we have the numbers for this we will being doing 10 man content. We will start off with one 10 man raid and build our way to two 10 man raids. Once we fill out two 10 man raids, we will move toward a 25 man raid to get more people involved.

Required Mods-
The overall requirements for raid mods are deadly boss mods, omen and a working ventrilo (mic is not required but very useful to have). Your class leaders may have other requirements for you and you will need to ask them if there are other such mods that you need to obtain.

For the core raid there will be more people than spots available. Because of this fact, it will be necessary for a rotation of people for raids. Rotations will be based upon who is available from the core raid. The core raid will be made up of people that have the skill and gear to raid. Skill is greater than gear but gear is an important tool that is required to raid. We will only be taking people that have the necessary gear to raid at the level of content we are on.

Class Leaders-
There will be a class leader in the guild that you will be responsible to if you are of that class. The class leaders can help you with your choice of gear and spec and will help you in what mods to get for that class. Also, your class leaders will be able to explain your role in a raid.

Role Leaders-
There will also be a leader for a specific role in the raid. Those roles are Tanks, Heals, Melee DPS and Ranged DPS. These leaders will be assigning rotations for raids and the roles you play during a raid.

Raid Leaders-
There will be several different raid leaders. There will be a different raid leader per instance with each leader having a back up in case that person cannot make the raid. The raid leaders will work closely with the role leaders.

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Mega Nub
Mega Nub

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding with Allegiance Reborn   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:57 pm

One thing to add ....

A good attitude goes a LONG WAY ....
We r going to wipe, face it. Learn from it and change what needs to be changed
Under no circumstances should there be complaining about wipes i hate it and it lowers the morale of players DONT DO IT
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Raiding with Allegiance Reborn
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