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 Kormathus - protection paladin

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PostSubject: Kormathus - protection paladin   Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:32 pm

1. What are the names and specs of the characters you wish to have in Allegiance reborn? Please also include a link to armory and log out in the gear appropriate to the spec you are applying with.

Kormathus, Protection

May still show me on Velen in the guild True Friends guild, but that is no longer since the transfer.

2. Why do you spec the way you do and would you be open to suggestions from other Allegiance Reborn members in regards to your gear selection and spec? Please provide a link to the armory of your toon.

I began this character as a retribution paladin, but around level 40 I tried out Protection and have loved it ever sense, I also became the tank for my friends in our high level regulars and heroics. I truly enjoy being the wall in front of the mobs holding back the tide as the dps tear it all apart, I have never looked at "being the top dps" as my goal, but being the one who is able to allow everyone else to pour their damage out without worries of being aggro'ed.

I am willing to listen to suggestions.


3. When raiding, what mods do you use? why?


4. Are you wanting to join as a raider, casual, pvp'er or are still leveling? If you are applying as a raider are you able to make all the scheduled raid times?


I will be able to make all raids unless of course unforeseeable circumstances arise.

5. Would you consider yourself a casual, raider, or hardcore player? Casual players only play every now and then and don't get to raid much while raiders will make most raids but will require some nights off and may not make every raid. Hardcore players will make every raid no matter what. It is ok to say that you are in between two types.

I would have to say with these definitions that I am a raider, mainly because real life can and will rise up to bite you when you least expect it.

6. Why do you want to be a member of Allegiance Reborn?

I have chosen to come to both this server and this guild to join and raid along side my friends..

And Lothair told me to.

7. Tell us about yourself i.e. Name, age, sex, location, occupation, hobbies and what you think you can bring to the guild?

Names Giddion, I'm 29, male, I live in Louisana, I am a wholesale plant seller, and well hobbies...Well first off my Wife (yes she gets a capitol W), WoW of course, then anime, manga's, my dog, ummm Oh and Netflix instant streaming =p.

Hrmm what I can bring to the guild...A good pair of ears and a great skill at listening for what to not do wrong in a situation, A diligence to throw myself at a target over and over again until a strategy can be derived. An unending and insatiable hate for the horde!!!

8. Your gaming history? How long have you played wow and how did you get into the game and do you play any other games?

Well lets see I started back in original everquest, EQ2, wow, COH, wow again, matrix, wow, EQ2 again, EQ1 again, champions,Wow on and off for 3-4 years (before and during champions). Joined it because a friend was playing. I play Champions online every now and then sense I have a lifetime sub, but I am focused on WoW..

9. I understand once accepted in the guild I will be required to read Rules and Guidelines on Allegiance Reborn forums.

Sure, Love reading rules so I know what not to do lol.

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PostSubject: Re: Kormathus - protection paladin   Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:07 pm

Friends are always welcome. Make sure you see myself or any officer in guild for an invite. Also please create an account on this site to keep up with any events or if you ever want to sign up for a raid.

Raids atm are a bit different we are trying to get a regular 25man going each week and we also have two ten mans running different days of the week. I can't always promise a raid spot but we can see what we can do.

Welcome ^_^

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Kormathus - protection paladin
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