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 Looking for a Awsome guild to join!

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PostSubject: Looking for a Awsome guild to join!   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:54 pm

1. What are the names and specs of the characters you wish to have in Allegiance reborn? Please also include a link to armory and log out in the gear appropriate to the spec you are applying with.

Iceman... currently i'm arcane and fire... i guess this is what your looking for...

2. Why do you spec the way you do and would you be open to suggestions from other Allegiance Reborn members in regards to your gear selection and spec? Please provide a link to the armory of your toon.

I just figured arcane was the best for dps... and fire for pvp ... i've seen alot of ppl using fire for pvp..and yes I would love the help!

3. When raiding, what mods do you use? why?

I use recount for dps and healing so I know what's going on... DBM for knowing when a boss is about to do his attacks..

4. Are you wanting to join as a raider, casual, pvp'er or are still leveling? If you are applying as a raider are you able to make all the scheduled raid times?

i mostly pvp right now with my toon.. but, i'm willing to start up some raids ...

5. Would you consider yourself a casual, raider, or hardcore player? Casual players only play every now and then and don't get to raid much while raiders will make most raids but will require some nights off and may not make every raid. Hardcore players will make every raid no matter what. It is ok to say that you are in between two types.

well, due to my work times... I can only raid on Fridays and Saturdays as of now.. unless you start them early in the day.. I"m in Oklahoma time zone.. and I useally get off work at 2:30.

6. Why do you want to be a member of Allegiance Reborn?

well, I'm new to this realm and needing a Awsome guild to run with Smile

7. Tell us about yourself i.e. Name, age, sex, location, occupation, hobbies and what you think you can bring to the guild?

Name is Tom... i'm 39 Male... live in Oklahoma.. I make oilwell parts .. and my hobbies is playing WOW as of now Smile what I can bring to the guild is a Fairly decent Mage that will do whatever it is needed..

8. Your gaming history? How long have you played wow and how did you get into the game and do you play any other games?

I've been playing for about 3 years now.. my son started playing when it first came out and I watched him play some and got into it... and this is the only one I play..

9. I understand once accepted in the guild I will be required to read Rules and Guidelines on Allegiance Reborn forums.

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a Awsome guild to join!   Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:32 pm

You are more then welcome to join us, just see any officer for an invite, we have quite a few people in guild who enjoy pvp. Also please make sure you create an account on this site and I will get it active as soon as I can.

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Looking for a Awsome guild to join!
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