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 Prot/Holy Palladin

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PostSubject: Prot/Holy Palladin   Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:24 am

1. What are the names and specs of the characters you wish to have in Allegiance reborn? Please also include a link to armory and log out in the gear appropriate to the spec you are applying with.

Hornjob - 85 Ele/Enh Shaman
Thance - 85 Prot/Holy Palladin
Gate - 64 Frost/Blood DK

2. Why do you spec the way you do and would you be open to suggestions from other Allegiance Reborn members in regards to your gear selection and spec? Please provide a link to the armory of your toon.

I spec Hornjob to test out the dam between ele and ehn
Thance is my tank char, with a healer pvp off spec
Gate is frost for dps and tank for insta-q's for faster lvl'ing

3. When raiding, what mods do you use? why?

i have x-perl for unit frames and easier buff readouts, and DBM

4. Are you able to make all the scheduled raid times?

I will try every chance I get to do so, depending on work and time difference.

5. Would you consider yourself a casual, raider, or hardcore player? Casual players only play every now and then and don't get to raid much while raiders will make most raids but will require some nights off and may not make every raid. Hardcore players will make every raid no matter what. It is ok to say that you are in between two types.

I try to be a hardcore raider but work usually keeps my a normal raider.

6. Why do you want to be a member of Allegiance Reborn?

I was abandoned by my other friends in my guild and since I'm always with Relyk/Jayda/Jamie, whatever she goes by here, she told me about your guild and said i could apply.

7. Tell us about yourself i.e. Name, age, sex, location, occupation, hobbies and what you think you can bring to the guild?

28/m/Korea (atm, will go back to the states soon), stationed here with the army. Aside from crappy hours in a motorpool, my hobbies or wow and catching up on sleep.

8. Your gaming history? How long have you played wow and how did you get into the game and do you play any other games?

First started mmo's with CoH, then got tehe midnight release of WoW oh so long ago, poor internet connection back home kept me from raiding so I took a leave of the game for abit. Took up the reins again with Burning Crusade and played a little into that horrible release called RoLK. After Cata came out I again devled into WoW and here I am. During that time i spent time on other major mmo's, mostly on CoH/CoV. Others including; EVE, Lineage 2, Conan, Warhammer, RF Online, maybe others.

9. I understand once accepted in the guild I will be required to read Rules and Guidelines on Allegiance Reborn forums.

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PostSubject: Re: Prot/Holy Palladin   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:09 pm

Your toons look good to me, my only question is which one would you consider your main character for rank-wise reference in the guild? Other then that please see me in game for an invite on that toon (if I'm not on syisha any member in the guild can point you to my current alt I am on) then we can get your alts in as well. Other then that please make a full account on the guild site and I will get it activated as soon as I can.

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PostSubject: Re: Prot/Holy Palladin   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Prot/Holy Palladin   

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Prot/Holy Palladin
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